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Partnership Against Bullying Norway

Partnership Against Bullying Norway (Partnerskap mot mobbing) is a broad coalition between the Norwegian government and 14 national organizations who share a vision of inclusive learning environments free from bullying for all children.

The partners work to prevent bullying by increasing local competence and cooperation for an inclusive kindergarten-, leisure, and school-environment. The partnership’s measures include advocacy and capacity building for children’s rights, support for local and national projects and development of networks and partnerships against bullying.

The partnership members include (in alphabetical order)

· Association of NGOs in Norway

· Association of Private Schools

· Association of School Leaders

· National Group of Public Health Nurses

· National Parent's Committee for Early Childhood Education and Care

· National Parent's Committee for Primary and Secondary Education

· Norwegian Association of Graduate Teachers

· Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities

· Norwegian Government

· Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees

· Norwegian Union of School Employees

· Private Kindergartens Federation

· Sami Parliament

· School Student Union of Norway

· Union of Education Norway